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Q & A with the first UNVEILING Intern

Written by Iko Akoh on July 28, 2016

In anticipation of launching the search for UNVEILING 2017 interns, the Director had a brief Q & A with the first UNVEILING intern, Phoebe Light. She was a volunteer at the first UNVEILING Arts Festival in July 2015 and is studying Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art. Phoebe worked on a part-time basis to assist in planning, preparations and delivery of UNVEILING 2016.



Why did you decide to become an UNVEILING Intern?

I decided to become an UNVEILING intern to gain experience in working in a way and on a type of project I hadn’t been involved with before.

Was the internship like you expected it would be? If not, in what way did it differ?

It was more unscheduled and independent than I anticipated at the very start of the project.

What was the best bit?

Being involved in the festival itself.

What was the hardest bit?

Trying to find an appropriate venue within the budget.

What did you learn?

Research skills, and how to evaluate for time management.

Has this experience informed your ideas as to what you will do in the future?

Yes, the whole experience will be a good reference point for me.

What would you say to anyone else thinking of applying for the internship?

Set aside specific days to do the work, rather than spreading it out across multiple days with other things.


Are you

  • passionate about expressing the heart of God through the creative arts?
  • looking for an internship in the creative arts?
  • interested in cutting your teeth on a grass roots, faith-based creative project where you will have the opportunity to gain some experience and meet lots of fantastic artists across multiple disciplines?

If so, then read this memo for potential applicants. Do contact us via info@unveilingfestival.com if you have any additional questions.

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