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Expressing the heart of God through the creative arts


Written by Iko Akoh on January 25, 2018
Matt Cresswell and Janita Han

UNVEILING 2018 Participating Artist

Zóé:project is a musical project by Matthew and Janita Cresswell. Recently married, the couple lead worship at Burn events in East London, helping other people realise God’s presence in a biblical and tangible way. The duo also play in Harvest Church London’s worship band, where Janita plays keys and Matt plays the bass.

Zōē means “life, and of absolute fullness of life” in Greek; literally translated the name of the band means Life Project. Their new songs reflect their desire for this intimacy with God combined with a more pensive feel. They are working on their first EP to be launched at the UNVEILING Arts Festival 2018.

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