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Zanna Evans

Written by Iko Akoh on December 8, 2015
Zanna Evans - UNVEILING 2016 Artist

Zanna Evans is a deeply accomplished and innovative harpist. She is also an arranger, teacher and freelance performer. Zanna has worked extensively in schools with the ARTIS organisation. In this capacity, she passed on her skills and love of the harp to the next generation of budding musicians.

Zanna trained classically but has a deep interest in cross-genre collaborations with other artists. Due to her desire for self-improvement and adventure, she spent seven months training in Brazil with Cristina Braga. Listeners can hear the latin influence on her latest album, ‘Dreams Rising’. Furthermore, she is one of the pioneers behind the new London Jazz Harpers events. This project promotes use of the harp in Jazz and improvised collaboration with various other instruments.

Zanna took part in the first UNVEILING Arts Festival. She performed original pieces exploring ideas of truth and freedom. We are delighted that she will take part in the UNVEILING Arts Festival once again.

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