10-11 May 2019

The Engine Room, Lebus Street, London, N17 9FU

Expressing the heart of God through the creative arts


Written by Iko Akoh on June 1, 2017

UNVEILING 2019 Participating Artist

Dimitri ‘Wolfy’ McIntosh is a charismatic, passionate and determined young man. Through music and spoken word he is able to inspire by expressing his views, thoughts and ideas. Wolfy started performing because he wanted to show young people they have a voice; that they can express their beliefs in faith, life and worship. In his day job he works with young people and helps to enrich their lives.

Within the past 2 years Dimitri has co-led for the New Wine festival in the acoustic venue and has been part of bands for the Impact venue. He has worked with David’s Tent and co-led for the early morning worship sessions. Wolfy has appeared on Premier Gospel Radio, “Your Shout” as both an interviewer and interviewee talking about various topics such as life, marriage, music and role models.

He does it all with zeal, a passion for God and a smile on his face. We are delighted to have him on the 2019 team as a Participating Artist.

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