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Pierre Storti

Written by Iko Akoh on May 23, 2018
Pierre Storti

UNVEILING 2018 Workshop Leader


Pierre Storti Trebojevic is a very passionate baker. He lives his passion for dough making and baking of all sorts of products as a way to love people and also spread the Good News. Pierre has developed his craft over the past 10 years and his vision is to share his knowledge. Hence the “Bread of Life” workshop that he will lead at UNVEILING 2018. Furthermore, Pierre Storti has a vision inspired by the way Christ shared his teaching with us. He visualises a future bakery shop where people could learn and share life as they create bread together.

Pierre proposes that we will be guided by the kindness Jesus has for us. He will lead us to make simple (nevertheless fully concentrated with love and care) loaves of sourdough bread, over the 3 days of the festival. You will then be able to take away and share this “Bread of Life” with your friends and family.

He volunteered with the NGO, “Nos do Morro”, in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil for almost 2 years.
Pierre was with a solid team of volunteers working on bringing culture and education to favela youths. They did this through training in theatre, acting, movie making, music, dance and mixing Shakespeare with a modern Afro-Brazilian influence. He learned bakery in a French ‘gastronomie’ school after meeting a French baker in Brasil in 2008.

Pierre worked in many Boulangeries in Paris where he learned to make bread. He also learned to make viennoiserie (croissant dough, brioche, sweet paste etc) when he joined “la Grande épicerie de Paris”, one of the last place in Paris where bakers are still making croissants themselves.

Pierre became head Tourier (from the French ‘to turn’, a specialized name for a chef who works with viennoiserie) for the famous French baker “Gontran Cherrier” in 2013. Monsiour Cherrier is a croissant dough maker and Godfather of Pierre’s first son, Andrea Kwaku. He decided to continue his spiritual journey with his family and left Paris for a small village in Mayenne, France. There he learned with a farmer-baker to make bread from planting wheat. Pierre and his wife decided to move to London in 2014 where he was recruited by the Ritz Hotel as Assistant head baker and Tourier. His second son Joshua was born here.

Pierre, encountered his church family at City Gates through their Living Room cafe in Soho. He is an active member of the church and serves in various ways such as visuals, street evangelism, intercession.

Pierre became Group Head Tourier for Chris Corbin and Jeremy King, owners of The Wolseley and many others restaurants in London, in 2015. He supervises all the production of the viennoiserie for the group. Pierre joined their Beaumont hotel during its opening, late 2015. He has since been promoted as head of pastry and bakery of the hotel.

Pierre Storti brings a great deal of enthusiasm, faith, experience and deep skill in his craft to the UNVEILING Arts Festival.

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