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Archives for: January 24th, 2016

Jules Rendell – Associate Artist

Written by Iko Akoh on January 24, 2016
Jules Rendell

Jules Rendell is a profoundly talented singer-songwriter sharing melodious, poetic music bubbling with joy and verve. Her musical evolution has taken her through jazz, gospel and even opera. Her debut album, Imagine, was released in 2018 and explores the power of imagination and the battle within. She presents a vulnerable yet powerful body of work […]


Written by Iko Akoh on January 19, 2016

Diré is a passionate and deeply soulful singer-songwriter. He is a vivid storyteller, weaving evocative soundscapes as he navigates listeners through his life journey. Diré’s walk with God is a central and recurring thread. His infectious lyrics bring a thought provoking message of hope amidst struggle.   Diré discovered his voice (and his potential in […]

James Murray

Written by Iko Akoh on January 18, 2016

UNVEILING 2018 Workshop Leader   James Murray attended UNVEILING 2015 and was very quick to express his delight at what he had witnessed. Naturally, we were similarly delighted to have him join the team of Participating Artists for  2016 and 2017 editions of the UNVEILING Arts Festival. James is an accomplished and deeply conscientious freelance […]

Hannah Whittaker

Written by Iko Akoh on December 26, 2015
Hannah Whittaker

UNVEILING 2019 Participating Artist   Hannah Whittaker is a performance artist specialising in creating interactive installations, one on one encounters and digital performances. She has turned her focus to installation and sculptural works, in particular. Hannah’s qualifications include a Masters Degree, with Merit, in Contemporary Performance Making (Brunel University). She is currently employed as a guest lecturer at Central School […]

Just Jon

Written by Iko Akoh on January 9, 2016

Just Jon is a deeply talented soul singer and rapper who has been developing himself as a Hip-Hop artist in recent years. He made a guest appearance on the ‘Imperfect’ album, a 2015 release by UNVEILING 2015 artist Baliva. You can hear Just Jon’s compelling vocals on the tracks  ‘Broken Home’ and ‘Got To Go’. http://www.balivamusic.com/imperfect/   […]

Lape Odebode – Workshop Leader

Written by Iko Akoh on December 13, 2015
Lape Odebode - Dancer

Lape Odebode is a dancer, choreographer and trainee Dance Movement Psychotherapist. She enjoys supporting others to use dance and movement as a means of expression and as a way to connect with God. Lape believes that where words end, movement continues. This is something she has personally experienced and hopes to share with others. Lape has […]

Zanna Evans

Written by Iko Akoh on December 8, 2015
Zanna Evans - UNVEILING 2016 Artist

Zanna Evans is a deeply accomplished and innovative harpist. She is also an arranger, teacher and freelance performer. Zanna has worked extensively in schools with the ARTIS organisation. In this capacity, she passed on her skills and love of the harp to the next generation of budding musicians. Zanna trained classically but has a deep interest […]

Emily Barroso

Written by Iko Akoh on November 20, 2015
Emily Barroso

Emily Barroso is an accomplished writer with extensive training and experience in all areas of literature and the arts. Especially, she has a keen instinct for character-based study of historic events. For instance, ‘Big Mens Boots – The Way’ is first in a series of books exploring the Welsh Revival. Emily is highly active in supporting the creative […]