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Mr Visualise.It.First

Written by Iko Akoh on April 4, 2018
Mr Visualise It First

UNVEILING 2018 Participating Artist


Rodney Gwenzi (aka Mr Visualise.It.First) was the official photographer for UNVEILING 2017. He also attended the 2016 edition of the UNVEILING Arts Festival. Rodney is a budding creative visionary; one of his most noteworthy traits is a passion for working with up and coming creative artists. In addition, he embodies a creative freedom that he puts down to his faith. Indeed, it has been said that he uses his “camera as a pretext / link to let Jesus approach and touch people’s hearts through him”.

Rodney recently participated in a curated photography exhibition entitled ‘Faith Hope and Anxiety: Young People in A Changing World‘, which is currently on display at The Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants.

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