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Expressing the heart of God through the creative arts

James Murray

Written by Iko Akoh on January 18, 2016

UNVEILING 2018 Workshop Leader


James Murray attended UNVEILING 2015 and was very quick to express his delight at what he had witnessed. Naturally, we were similarly delighted to have him join the team of Participating Artists for  2016 and 2017 editions of the UNVEILING Arts Festival. James is an accomplished and deeply conscientious freelance animator / illustrator.


His speciality is character conception via illustration, stop-motion and 2d animation. James sees animation as a study of life and takes inspiration from everyday observations. Have a look through James’ portfolio. His piece for the Royal Rangers Deutschland, ‘Aufbruch‘, highlights his ability to communicate important life lessons to younger generations through the arts.


James will share his skills in animation and storytelling as one of our UNVEILING 2018 workshop leaders.

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