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Emily Barroso

Written by Iko Akoh on November 20, 2015
Emily Barroso

Emily Barroso is an accomplished writer with extensive training and experience in all areas of literature and the arts. Especially, she has a keen instinct for character-based study of historic events. For instance, ‘Big Mens Boots – The Way’ is first in a series of books exploring the Welsh Revival.

Emily is highly active in supporting the creative efforts of other literary talents as editor-in-chief of Hillman Publishing. Furthermore, she is a writing coach and teacher of the arts in a therapeutic capacity.

Emily wrote and directed her first play, entitled “The Call”, for UNVEILING 2015. She called upon the formidable acting talents of Jo Faith and Sevda Levent to present this work. Since then, she launched the Fluid Theatre company.

We look forward to presenting her next artistic creation.

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