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Diary of a Dreamer

Written by Iko Akoh on June 20, 2018
Diary of a Dreamer

UNVEILING 2018 Associate Artist


Diary of a Dreamer is a new production presented by Kamiji Ebun-Cole (creative director), Chris Sweetman and Hulya Levent: also featuring Cath Sweetman (live painting) and David Brussee (drums). It combines elements of Music, Dance and Drama.

Kamiji is the founder of SOWSOA ARTS, a well-being arts company. She has a heart to see her work, inspire, heal and transform those who encounter it. In addition to being a wonderful performer, Kamiji has great skill as a teacher. Her indefatigable enthusiasm is infectious and young people cannot help but be inspired.

Chris is first and foremost husband and father; family is extremely important to him. His personal mission is to help people be the best they can be. Chris is passionate about creativity in everything from maths to performing arts and loves to entertain. He is a story-teller and musician full of life and love, now pursuing his life-long dream in the performing arts.

Hulya is a professional contemporary ballet dancer based in London, characterised by an electrifying passion. For Hulya, dance is more than just an art form, it is a powerful language used to connect people, spirit to spirit. Her drive for excellence has led to her dancing with companies such as MCDC, Allegrodance Touring Company, as well as in high profile events such as London Fashion Week. Hulya’s Dance tells a story whilst inspiring joy and hope.

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